This Is Where I Restart 

I won’t believe myself anymore when I’ll say “This blog site is going to last!”

Honestly, the amount of blogs I started and left behind is laughable. Some days I want to have an outlet for my thoughts then totally ignore it for the rest of the year. 

After the nth time, here I am again on a platform that offers me space to pour myself out. In my defense, I think I really do have something to pour out, its just that *insert lame excuse. 

Without further ado, I am restarting here and now. I’ll leave my doubts, blogger insecurities and laziness behind. Who am I kidding, laziness will always get the best of me so,no big promises here -only me trying. In order to prevent my brain from overloading sensible to the non-sensible things I’m always thinking about, I will start decluttering. Half of the thoughts will go straight to the trash bin and some in this bloggery bin. So help me Zeus. 😄



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